Use Widgets Anywhere!

With this plugin you can use any widget anywhere you want, you just need to know the Widget’s class name and its arguments, you don’t have to limit yourself to sidebars and theme’s widgets areas.

How to use the plugin

All you need to do is use the shortcode [widget_anywhere widget_class=""] where you want to place your widget and fill the class attribute.

Passing extra arguments to the widget

You can add those arguments as shortcode attributes and they will be automatically passed to the widget.
For example if you want to pass a title your widget would look like [widget_anywhere widget_class="myWidgetClass" title="Title here"]

Finding Widgets classes and their arguments

You can find the default WordPress widgets in the following path: wp-includes/widgets/

Alternatively you can inspect WordPress’ Github repo

Adding extra css’ classes

You can use the argument parent_class to add extra css classes to the widget’s wrapper

For example: [widget_anywhere widget_class="MyClass" title="My title" parent_class="widget-wrapper-class"]


[widget_anywhere class="WP_Nav_Menu_Widget" title="My menu" nav_menu="2"] – Shows the nav menu ID 2
[widget_anywhere widget_class="WP_Widget_Calendar"] – Shows a calendar
[widget_anywhere widget_class="WP_Widget_Tag_Cloud" title="A cloud of tags" count="1" taxonomy="post_tag"] – Shows a cloud of post tags with their count